Renzo Piano's Project

Magazzini del Sale ed Emilio Vedova

The Fondazione Emilio e Annabianca Vedova entrusted the Magazzino del Sale commission to the architect Renzo Piano who was bound to Vedova by strong ties of friendship.
The Fondazione respected the wishes of the Venetian master who had greeted the extraordinary proposal put forward by his architect friend with great enthusiasm.
The project left the original brick walls and roof trusses of the Magazzino unchanged. Resting on the stone slab floor is a brushed larch slat platform whose slight slope foreshortens the perspective of the Magazzino.
The cavity below the platform houses the utilities which use renewable energy sources.
In the front part of the Magazzino visitors are met by two diverging asymetrical full-height walls clad in larch slats like the floor; these diagonally placed screens conceal the floor building’s facilities (cloakroom, restrooms, etc.)

To the rear of the building, perfectly lined up in a specially designed metal structure are Vedova’s works. Ten robotic shuttles move along a rail running between the trusses for almost the entire length of the building. These electronically controlled devices equipped with extending mobile arms and a winch retrieve the works from the archive, transport them to the exhibition space and place them in the intended position. The machine has been realized by Metalsistem of Rovereto charged by RPBW - Renzo Piano Building Workshop.


Emilio Vedova and the Magazzini del Sale (by A. Traldi)
From Prometeo to the Magazzini del Sale (by Maurizio Milan)
Automated Handling and Storage of Works of Art - Metalsistem