Emilio Vedova, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, 1954


In 1953 Exhibits at Tokyo's Second International Art Exhibition and the second Bienal de Saõ Paulo. The Morganti Foundation Prize, won in 1951, enables him to stay in Brazil and travel for three months meeting such as Maria Bonomi, Mario Pedrosa and the artists Karl Plattner: “... A whole new geography, huge vertiginous horizontal expanses. Cities that swallow men up, tropical climate. The feeling of being like an ant. Nature as melodrama, hurricanes like the Last Judgement, floods, forces of nature, teeming forests, an insistent repetitive green...”*. This trip would be documented in the series entitled Dal diario del Brasile (1954).
In October 1954 Vedova quits the Gruppo degli Otto with a public declaration at the Convegno di Alta Cultura held at the Giorgio Cini Foundation in Venice.
Exhibits a
t the XXVIIth Venice Biennale.

* Emilio Vedova, Pagine di Diario, Galleria Blu, Milan, 1961