Vedova working on ciclo Lacerazione '77/'78 Plurimi/Binari, Venice, 1978. ph Marco Caselli, Ferrara


At the international “Venerezia-Revenice” exhibition (1978), organised by Pierre Restany at the Palazzo Grassi in Venice Venezia, exhibits for the first time his Ciclo Lacerazione '77/'78 II, with a soundtrack created by Marino Zuccheri in the RAI electronic music studio in Milan.
At the XXXVIIIth Venice Biennale, exhibits the great Absurdes Berliner Tagebuch - N. 7 and a clutch of ‘gigantografie’/blow-ups in the special exhibition “Sei stazioni per Artenatura. La natura dell'arte”, curated by Achille Bonito Oliva.
Spends five months in hospital in Venice and then in Austria, where he is operated on. Mended, he returns to Italy in October and resumes working and teaching.
Participates in the “Norwegian International Print Biennale” at Fredrikstad.